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Our demolition projects range in scope greatly. All projects are welcome from the smaller, less expensive residential projects to large, complex, and commercial projects. Projects ranging from $10,000 to $2 million plus! Our projects include everything from interior Site Preparation and Earthwork to Industrial Plant and Residential Demolition.


Bare Demolition realizes that demolition allows for a wide range of creativity, and we specialize in providing unique value engineering solutions. This is why our highly experienced field personnel has established Bare Demolition as the ONLY demolition contractor in North Texas capable of handling even the most complex projects.


Choosing Bare Demolition for your project benefits you in more than one way! You not only get professional and experienced field personnel to help you develop and execute your project ideas, but your field personnel will also be excited and inspired to help you every step of the way!


Make Bare Demolition your choice demolition contractor in Texas. Contact Bare Demolition Here or call (682) 222-3552 to request a bid for your next project!

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As costs continue to increase for dump fees and the landfills continue to be regulated, it makes more sense economically to recycle all concrete from construction and demolition projects. 


What can the recycled concrete be used for?

Typical applications consist of using recycled concrete as road base, select fill for building pads, construction entrances and erosion control.


There are many benefits for using recycled concrete:

  • It’s better for the environment, as it protects our natural resources.
  • It decreases disposal costs and helps the consumer and the company save money!
  • It saves on material costs and time costs for the customer, which means more money back in your pocket!
  • It has LEED accreditation.


We are prepared to help you with all of your recycling needs! Contact us Here or call (682) 222-3552.

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Site Work

Bare Demolition’s Site Work division has seen a lot of growth over the years and has now become one of the largest and most reputable site contractors in North Texas!

We have performed site work services for a wide range of clients including major national contractors such as Veit, Haskell, and WDS Construction.

Regardless if your project is an addition to an already existing structure or an old run-down residential building that needs a new start, we are confident that Bare Demolition is the answer to your Site Work and Demolition needs!

Contact Bare Demolition Here or call (682) 222-3552.

What can our team do for you?

Our founding members come from construction families and have 20+ years of experience in construction and transportation of materials.  Our work culture of positivity and vision has resulted in 5 star client reviews.


Our experienced field personnel and reputation for consistency has established us as the only demolition contractor in our region that can handle certain projects.

When working with us you can expect quick estimates and turn around times. We support our on site team and make sure they are comfortable while putting in the hours to get your project accomplished.

20+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

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